Dog school services in English!

Beta the flattie

Virike is able to teach you in English to train your dog.

Easiest way to contact Marianne is by email: marianne @ (remove space).

Let me know about your dog and interests on training.

Here is a example video from my puppies early training when she was just 3 months old.

Puppies learn very fast so its beneficial to start early but ofcourse puppies need short sessions.

Training needs to be simple and fun - but it isn't always easy!

Clickers and target sticks

Training methods:

Always the most important thing is security!
All classes are about positive reinforcement and needed management resolutions. Clicker training is really efficient but needs you to be motivated to learn the system.

Training should be fun for both you, your family and your dog!

Updated: 03.07.2019